Clogged dryer vents due to lint build up in the machine are excessively dangerous because they ignite fire in your household. If the warm air can’t vent properly, heat builds up and eventually ignites the accumulated fibers, dust and lint. Our team of dryer vent cleaning experts are well equipped to handle this and in preventing these fires within our service area. The lint screen inside the dryer should be cleaned before or after every load of laundry, and vent cleaning should be done once per year. It only takes a few minutes for our professional service technician to inspect and clean the dryer vent for you.       

Besides better fire safety, keeping your dryer vent clean has additional benefits. A clean dryer uses less energy, dries clothes faster and suffers less wear and tear to the components. A professional dryer vent cleaning will decrease the monthly power bill and help your dryer last longer and have fewer repairs. Schedule for your vent cleaning appointment with one of our certified technicians by calling Pacific Air Duct Cleaning today or writing to us!